My drive for my art business comes from wanting to create beautiful pieces of art of Leicestershire.

Before Corona Virus, I used to spend my summers working at festivals in the art departments. At one particular festival, I noticed the most beautiful map of England, however the entire county of Leicestershire wasn’t there. It was only then that I noticed how often this happens in arty maps of England. All my artworks have grown from the feeling of being proud of being from Leicestershire.
I have artwork of Charnwood that focuses on local landmarks in a bright, colourful and playful way.
I also have County map artworks that have an emblem or scenic picture painted that is most commonly associated with that county. I draw the map outline and write the place name of every City, Town, Village and Hamlet in that County. This is to hopefully include everybody in the nation so that I can one day, I can appear at a festival and have a map of England that not only includes all of the counties, but all of the hamlets too.
My aim is to bring love and connection through my artwork and allow no one to feel left out.


'Home is where the heart is'

Pliny the Elder



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